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About Zachary Burns

Hello from Perrysburg, Ohio USA.  My name is "Zachary Burns", but I go by my nickname "Zack Burns" most of the time.

   Current Employment

  • I am the IT Manager and Senior Developer at a Midas franchise holder in the Toledo, Ohio area.
  • I am the President of Burns Software, LLC.


    Current Professional Work
  • My primary day-to-day duties consist of writing Microsoft Windows and Web applications using cutting-edge .Net Framework technologies.
  • I also have expertise in emerging technologies from Apple such as iPhone and iPad development.  I currently perform development using these technologies in a social media and marketing setting.
  • I have expertise dating back to 1982 with everything from Microsoft, Apple, and Unix based hardware and software design, development, and integration primarily for small to mid-sized businesses.
  • Overall I'm passionate about technology and its uses to help aid people and business on a daily basis.
    Family and Personal Life
  • I've got plenty of stuff to keep me busy, but I've dedicated quite a bit of the site to those endeavors.
  • Read about them here.

Want to contact me?  You can reach me via IM on one of the following networks...
  • Twitter - zburns
  • Facebook - TheRealZackBurns
  • AIM - zacharyburns
  • MSN - zacharyburns
  • Yahoo - zburns
  • Yahoo - zacharyburns
  • Skype - zburns
  • Reddit - zacharyburns
  • I'm usually on my own IRC Server @ contact me there.
  • I also monitor the following FreeNode IRC channels... FreeNode: ##linux, #ubuntu, #ubuntu-bugs, #ubuntu-quality, #ubuntu-offtopic, #python, ##php, ##electronics, #wordpress, #raspberrypi, ##security, ##hamradio, #lhs-radio, #ffmpeg, #C#, #ubuntu-server, #sparkfun, #bash, #cocoa-init, #swift-lang, #iphonedev, #iphonedev-chat, #macdev, #iphone, ##javascript

Into Amatuer Radio?  Me too.  Find me on the W8ODR (Ohio Digital Radio Club) repeaters or if you're in the Toledo area I monitor the TMRA D-Star Repeater (444.750 - Port B) or the TMRA Analog Repeater 147.270/442.850.  Or you can try to contact me via Simplex on 145.670 which I monitor.  You can also find me on 20 or 40 meters outside the area.  My FCC Call Sign is N8ZAK.

And failing all that - you can contact me via methods used in "generations past" at this link which contains mail and phone information.

What more information on the Burns Family?

What Is With That Shirt? - It's an inside joke in our family.  If you've ever watched NYPD Blue you'd see that this is my Detective Sipowicz shirt - also popularized by Homer Simpson in an episode of The I was never a high school math teacher!  (And no, I'm not missing an arm! - Just a proud American that stinks at Photoshop!)

A Proud American

May God Bless America!